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Welcome to Country Patriots

Welcome to the Country Patriots.
I am Jennifer, an independent conservative, who believes in a “common sense” style of government. I am a vocal person, who believes in investigating and questioning everything; nothing taken at face value. I live in Southern rural America and have lived up north as well. I am community oriented and have degrees in Science and Administration of Justice. I have many qualifications, but to be fair to everyone else in the group, I will give them room to speak.

I am Tom, retired Navy Chief, devout patriot, and I believe in our Constitution.

I am Arlene, a life-long registered Democrat.  I was on the Board of Directors of Americans for Democratic Action in Philadelphia , PA.   I founded a local wing of ADA , called the New Democratic Coalition, and was elected Chairwoman of that organization.  We worked to elect Republicans when our local Democrats were very corrupt.  I was part of a movement that created Federal Programs such as Educational Opportunity Grants, so that other people would not have to go out to work at 13, and not be able to go to college.  At age 45, I completed a degree in Business Administration. I worked for more than 25 years before being able to get my B.S. I am currently working on obtaining my Master’s Degree in Public Health Administration.

I am Dave. Many call me a “rebel-rouser.” If people say something can’t be done, I’ll do it. I believe in the Constitution.


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