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The day is Saturday, September 12, 2009.

Masses converged on Capital Hill in Washington, D.C. They came from all walks of life. Everyone hoping America’s voice would be heard. They arrived peacefully, hand-made signs in their possession. They had a purpose on this day which is still rising. Fox News covered this event and the masses were heard. As to the exact numbers of concerned Americans present, the jury is still out and it is not important. The fact that these brave souls stood up is important. America is waking from her slumber. Far too long have we, the American citizens, turned a blind eye hoping things would fix themselves or just go away. It’s like the old idiom of “Nobody sees the pink elephant in the middle of the room.”

Many would have us, the American populous; believe that we have no idea why we were marching in protest this day. This is far from true and a part of the problem in this country. Do not underestimate the intelligence of the citizens of this nation. People DID do their research and DID read proposed plans and changes. The people know. They arrived for a myriad of reasons which the government better listen to. Many will say race was an issue. Many will say that it is a Republican/Democratic/ Left wing/Right wing issue. They are Wrong! It is about the PEOPLE asking questions and demanding answers from the GOVERNMENT. Many will say people are afraid of change so they will erect stumbling blocks to deter change. Still others will name call and claim the people are merely looking for conflict and violence as well as other ways to explain away events. This is far from true. We the People are not taking answers or statements at face value any more. I have always told people, “Never take things at face value. Question and investigate EVERYTHING.”

One of the beauties of this country is the freedom of speech and thought. Everyone is entitled to their own and the ability to voice those opinions and thoughts. Will everyone love them or agree with them? The answer is absolutely not. One thing everyone does agree on is the system is broken and corrupt. Everyone also agrees that some solution must ultimately be found. The conflict is in HOW the final solutions are enacted. The conflict is not that there are problems or that solutions need to be enacted to correct these problems, but the means of said solutions ARE in conflict. What is even worse, is the government, who live in their Ivory towers and refuse to listen to the people whom the government WORKS FOR.

Far too long have the people been too complacent to “make waves” by speaking out. This sedentary behavior has CAUSED the current problems and corruption. The people thought it would be best if the government took care of the people’s responsibilities instead of the people taking care of their own responsibilities. The government saw fit to step up to the plate making promises they did not intend to keep to appease the few loud voices. The rhetoric and propaganda took hold in the people who believed, and clung to, every word as a baby cleaves to it’s mother’s bossom. Is it any wonder the country is in the state it is in? Greed and corruption quickly replaced, in secret, the promises made which were to “make life safer and better” for the people who, according to the government, “need to be protected from themselves.” Wake up people! This is not acceptable!

One thing to note about the citizens of these United States of America, is that we are slow to anger, but once we are awakened, we will take care of matters. This time we awaken to clean house in our government and to regain what our forefathers fought to instill for future generations. Today the government would see to it that anyone who speaks out is squelched and brushed under the rug; forgotten. We cannot allow this to happen again. If we continue to sit idly by and watch instead of act, then all that has been done will be for naught. Just because you stand up for one huge event, does not mean you are finished. As quickly as a flame is lit, it can be extinguished just as fast. There are many levels in government you can work on. Just because you may deal with a smaller segment of government, does not mean you are not making a difference. Every little bit counts and is just as important a task. Remember, this is a government of the people, by the people, for the people. For those of you who forget our Constitution, it begins with “We the People…” not “We the Government.”

Does any one person have all the answers? The answer is no. This is why many need to hear and decide. Here is the idea- Keep what works and discard what does not work. Adding more beauracracy to an already failing system is not the answer. One possible solution is to cut the government body in half and ENFORCE WHAT IS ALREADY ON THE BOOKS. If change is needed to bring the laws to current society, then re-write existing laws- Do not add more useless laws that will go un-enforced. Preventative care is also a huge monetary saver. There are so many improvements that can be made and spoken of (I will not touch on them in this article or whoever is reading would never get finished reading and they would fall asleep). The less clutter in your house, the better you can watch it, care for it, devote the attention needed, and keep it under control.

People are afraid to step on toes, but sometimes, in order to gain the attention needed, you have to step on the giants’ toes. Do not be afraid of questioning things or educating yourself. Do your research, educate yourself, and become more in tune to happenings around you. Look at it this way, would you allow someone you do not know to sign your legal documents or your checkbook without questioning why? Do you really instill that much trust and faith in a person you do not know in your personal belongings? We know this answer to be a huge no. Then why would you take the government at their word, just because they are the government? If you do not care about how you are steered, then maybe you would just go along with it. Who knows if they signed you up to take responsibility for a crime?

If you do not take responsibility for what you learn and what consequences could occur, then you cannot put a stop to it before you are trapped. Now, many reading this may not read it accurately so I am going to make sure this is clear. I merely used that scenario as an EXAMPLE; I am not saying the government has done this literally, yet. When I try to explain my points of view, I try to use common frame of referencing to help others understand things better. I feel it puts things into perspective. The first place to start is to take a look in the mirror. Too many people keep passing the buck; playing the blame game. As long as people can continue to delude themselves into believing that it is not individual responsibility, everything continues as is. I look at myself every day in that mirror and ask myself, “What have I been doing? How can I be changing things for the better? Do I have any possible ideas for solutions? Who can I tell?” The answer is clear. Stand up for your values and beliefs. Be honest in your convictions. Change begins with you.

What is appalling to me is how the “House of Nancy Pelosi” is planning on sanctioning, insulting and humiliating, Joe Wilson, who bravely called out The Presidents’ mis-statement of facts during the Presidential address to a joint session of the House of Representatives and the Senate. Pelosi and the Democrats are not satisfied after Joe Wilson took the initiative to apologize to the public and President Obama, numerous times, for his outburst hollering out “YOU LIE!”  The drunken power hungry morons decided that was not good enough and they want to put him on his knees. I say that Pelosi needs to wake up and smell the coffee; she is not God, nor is anyone else in that floor. Joe Wilson was doing his job and I commend him for standing up for injustice. Sure he stated that he wishes he could have worded it differently, but as he said “There was not enough time to do so.” Pelosi should watch other government’s behavior. This was nothing in the scheme of things. At least there were no fists flying or chairs and microphones being hurled in their direction. What will be next Pelosi? Caning people who you do not agree with? Last I saw, we are STILL America.

To the people who truly believe that We The People have no clue why we showed up to the march on Capital Hill, and other locals the same day for common goals, We do know why we were there. The “straw that broke the camels’ back” was the healthcare issue. The official count by the park police was 1.2 million, with many others guestimating around 150,000-200,000 being turned away. There were also those who could not attend who desired to attend. The government better wake up because We The People are not going away. You cannot brush us under the rug and make things disappear or be forgotten. We respect the office of the government, but we do not agree with what that office is being used to achieve. People keep throwing race in which is becoming very annoying. RACE IS NOT AN ISSUE HERE. Stop trying to throw distractions from the true issues at hand.

There will always be opposition no matter what is laid out on the table. This is to be expected. If a central idea can be reached, then things may run a bit smoother. As I stated earlier, due to differing opinions, there will be those who are not content. We cannot please everyone. Common sense is paramount in all cases. Our government representatives should be willing to hear their constituents and carry the words of their constituents to the Congress and Senate. This is their job. They were not hired by the people to live secluded in their Ivory towers, away from the plights of the people whom they work for. The people need to rise up and become non-complacent in their future- the future of these United States of America.

Now is the question at hand; What will you do? Will you, the American citizens, stand up and fight for our country? Will you allow the government to continue taking over? Will you watch America as she begins to crumble from beneath your feet? The time is NOW to stand or everything we are becomes nothing but a fading memory; an echo in history and time. Show everyone who we are and what we are made of now. Do not wait until it is too late thinking others will take care of matters. If you do not stand up, nobody will.

In closing, I would like to commend the brave souls who took the stand. This not only includes the people who got on cameras and attended tea parties, but the small voices as well. I also want to commend the brave souls who serve and protect us on a daily basis. Uncovering the corruption takes a load of bravery and perseverance. Every accomplishment, no matter how small, is significant and just as important as anything else. We the People will shape the future of this Nation. Truth, Liberty, Justice; the American Way. God Bless America. May her spirit fly high and her colors never fade.

Monday, September 14, 2009
Country Patriots


September 15, 2009 - Posted by | Political, Uncategorized


  1. great work jen….ya got me goin’ keek up the good work.:)

    Comment by dano | September 15, 2009 | Reply

  2. Thanks for the thankyou. Today is a real good day to email the congress critters demanding a full investigation by indepents of Acorn from top to bottom, and demanding no further legislation be passed that is not specifically authorised by our constitution. No, the commerce clause will not give cover to helth care. Demand all corruption be stopped and prosicuted whether Dem or Rep.

    Comment by Tom | September 17, 2009 | Reply

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