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Wednesday’s Soup of the Week

Happy Wednesday to everyone. I figured it would make things a bit interesting if we added a special “middle of the week” entry to our blog. This section of our blog will be for entertainment and a break in between the articles posted. All work and no play can make people very unhappy. We need to address the massive problems in this nation whether we want to or not. Injecting something “off the beaten path” is of no harm and allows for a bit of a cushion.

Everyone loves to eat. We need to breathe, drink, and eat to survive. Wednesday’s Soup of the Day would like to share some delicious recipes with you. Each week, we will share one recipe along with some random entertainment. Without further ado…

Recipe of the week:

Mom-Mom Stover’s Tea Sandwiches (roast beef salad sandwiches)

roast beef- cooked and seasoned 4-5 lbs.   celery- 2-3 stalks diced
onion- 2 medium sized diced                     16oz whipped salad dressing
1-2 loafs bread                                          salt and pepper (optional-season to taste)

Cook the roast beef and grind it in a food processor. Mix ingredients together in a large

bowl(except for the bread). Make sandwiches and then cut them into triangle quarters.

If you want to fancy them up, grab those toothpicks with the fancy tops; multi-colord

foil fireworks or umbrellas or make your own style. You can also choose to make whole

sandwiches or cut them in half. These make awesome party sandwiches and will disappear

fast. A great and fun way to spend time with your family and friends.

Today’s topic:

Sharing time with family. Too many folks are too busy to just sit down and spend time together as a family. Some people’s schedules just won’t allow for it, or the kids are off and running, and still others are engrossed in their computers, cell phones, and etc. Families are only as strong as the glue that holds them together. With all the stresses and negativity in the world, it is near impossible to be able to have that special time shared with your family. Just take one night per week and set aside even just an hour of quality family time. The more time you all can spend together the better.

There is no excuse worthy enough to pass up on spending time together. This means no cell phones, no computers, no video gaming, no TV (unless you’ve all chosen to watch a movie together), eliminate as many inturruptions as possible, and show your family they are worthy of each other’s attention and love. Remember though, that everyone’s time is precious to them. Get to know each other more by just having talks, or playing games or whatever things you would like to do as a family. Make sure that you try to tailor the activities to the age group of your family.  This is how great memories and closeness are built.

I could go on and on, but really…rambling is one of my quirks.

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