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Gadsden Flag Attack

This was an older posting, from this year, of mine that I recently came across and wanted to add it in this blog.

A man was attacked physically and racially for standing up for what he believed in. His freedom of speech was being squelched and his personal safety was violated. The sad part is that, although racially motivated, his own race attacked him. According to Ed Morrisey, as posted on Hot Air (*see below linked article),

“…one of the SEIU’s thugs claimed, “He attacked America!” The same goon made a threatening motion to the vocal witness,
but perhaps thought better of it when he saw the  camera.”-Ed Morrisey, posted on Hot Air.

This incident is just one of many beginning to take place and, if the Government and the people do not wake up, will only continue to escalate. What will it take? If these “goons,” as well as others, would crack open books instead of trying to be gangsta wannabe’s or chasing what’s in their pants, maybe they might learn a thing or two about history. I have included a link on the history of the Gadsden Flag below.

In the meantime, in case you choose not to review the posted artlicle links, I will give you a small history lesson on this AMERICAN flag. The flags’ design includes a coiled snake ready for attack with the words “Don’t Tread On Me” inscribed below the snake. The designer and creator of this flag is an AMERICAN General and Statesman by the name of Christopher Gadsden. The United States Navy used this symbol back in 1775. This was also the motto for the early United States Marines, as the first United States Navy and the Early United States Marines were deployed together on their first mission to intercept Brittish ships bringing supplies to their troops.

The symbol was discussed as far back as Benjamin Franklin in 1751. *Benjamin Franklin made a joke about “thanking the Brittish for sending convicted criminals to America by sending rattlesnakes back to England.” The snake was a symbol of the colonies. As their plight against Brittan grew, the use of this Gadsden flag was more frequent. The Gadsden flag became the symbol for the struggle for the freedom of Americans. We now, in this reign of Obama, are facing the same situation as our forefathers under a different reign.

The Gadsden Flag, which the assaulted gentleman had been handing out at the town hall meeting, is in fact an AMERICAN icon and denotes an extremely powerful statement. I have included a link to another article below. As for where the “attack on America” has happened, My thought is Obama’s “goons” are guilty of this treasonist act. The unions are now mobilized to “Hit back twice as hard” against anyone who opposes Obama. Where will it stop? I commend the gentleman and all who stand for what they believe in.

Articles on man attacked trying to hand out Gadsden Flags:



History of the Gadsden Flag:


blog posted August 07,2009 “Ramblings Galore”

Below are three versions of the Gadsden Flag

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