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Sensitive Topics: False Rape Allegations

When People Lie About Rape

I feel the need to discuss this topic. Yes, it is an sensitive subject, but goes along with corruption in our society. There seems to be a rising number of false claims to being raped. The Duke Lacrosse team in North Carolina made headlines and news and destroyed many young lives, as well as all the families involved on both sides of the fence, due to false accusations of rape. Just because these cases are not currently in the media, do not even think for a moment that it does not still have impact in each of their lives.

Now the latest case, Hofstra University includes five young men and a female accuser, at a party in a bathroom, that was caught on cell phone recording. The girl later recanted her claims after the damage was done. The recording proves the claims were false and the intercourse was consensual. Unfortunately, five males’ lives have now been destroyed. The girl was afraid of looking bad and was afraid of her boyfriend finding out. Again, lack of morals and ethics on all parts. Could the guys be jerks? It is a possibility; nobody is perfect. What they did not deserve, was to be falsely accused.

This behavior also is provoked online as well as in real life. I see this type of behavior all the time now online with girls or guys who are between the ages of 11 years old and up. They use “I was raped” as a platform to gain males’ attention and then ask them for sex or flirt with them. People will also make jokes telling consensual partners that the person raped them. The common banter that gets under my skin so bad is, “YOU RAPED ME hahaha.” The response following,”You know you loved it.”  What are these people thinking? What has happened to these people? What did their parents teach them? Where were/are their parents? Societal desensitization is also partly to blame in my opinion.

My beef with these incidents, and others which are not reported on and do also happen in male accusing female, is the lack of morals and ethics and the damage. When people make false claims, they are essentially making true rape victims a joke. It is already a horrid ordeal for the true victims and has now become more difficult for anyone truely suffering from rape. False accusations also destroy lives because now each and every one of these people are listed in sex offender sites and/or have a stigma that follows them throughout the rest of their lives.

I do honestly believe that anyone caught lying about being raped should be charged in a court of law. In this latest case, the female should be charged on five counts, being there were five males involved and poor lack of judgment on her part. The guys also used poor lack of judgment in this matter. Fantasies are best left to the mind.

What I do think is common sense, is that when a person, whether male or female, says “no,” they mean no. Now If a person is parading around naked in front of people, or dressed provocatively, it stands to reason that people will have the wrong idea and that person ought to have brain one in their head to realize that they are a target for attack and rape. This does not in any way condone attack and rape. If they consentually agree to intercourse, then guess what…NOT RAPE. Just because a person regrets having intercourse with someone, or is afraid of being caught with a person, is not a reason to cry rape.

My closing thoughts on this matter are to use common sense and have good morals and values. Think before you act. Gain your popularity in a decent way and use good judgment.

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