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Corruption is running rampant everywhere we turn. The Government is extremely overloaded with corruption and this is NOT acceptable. If corruption in the mainstream was as rampant as it is in the Government, it would not be tolerated. Proof positive on this claim is the over crowding of our prisons and jails. Why then are we allowing this to continue at the Government levels? It has been proven repeatedly that the more money and power one holds the less the penalty, usually it allows for a slap on the wrist and nothing more.

If we look at just a few instances, such as tax fraud, Wall Street, the banking system, ACORN, SEIU, and etc, it is appalling. The people who are in powerful people’s pockets can get away with corruption, while the average citizen or the “ex-communicated” is land-basted. I could write a volume of encyclopedias if I took the time, but who would read it? Again, it is the complacency of the people who have allowed this to go unchecked. Those few voices who have stood up have been discredited, ignored, placed under a “witch hunt,” or chastised; swept away and destroyed. Is it any wonder that the people have lost faith in the system?

The one thing that seems to stand out, in my mind, is that most people are sedentary until it effects them personally. Usually, by the time the full blast of corruption slams people, it is already too late. By the time it is realized, there is so much muck to wade through that we cannot figure out exactly where to begin or how to begin. Looming ahead in our future, if we do nothing to “clean house,” is devastation and disaster. The voices, who try in vain to wake others up, end up being consumed by the darkness before the light shines through.

Co-operation is sorely lacking as well. I see this on all levels. Many people speak out and agree something needs to be accomplished, but when it comes down to “put your money where your mouth is,” only one, or a very few, stand holding the bag. Without co-operation and teamwork, things will not get better. We ALL need to write our Senators and Congressmen, get on the horn and let them know we are here and we are not pleased. If people think they have ideas for better solutions, pass them on. Do not just stand and criticize and name call. Offer suggestions and solutions if you have a problem with what is currently in place. Maybe the idea you have has not been brought to the table. The politicians need to be accepting and not look down on the people as if the people are not intelligent enough to know things. Elected officials do not have all the answers either. Being HUMBLE is appropriate behavior. Let the people know their opinion is valued.

A huge portion of the problems in today’s society is the utter lack of morals and values. The Government is leading by example, and it shows. Everything done filters down the chain and affects many. It affects people you would not even think about or possibly know. Everything a person does has a consequence. Whether it is good or bad depends on what the person has done. Take the time to think things through before acting on said things.

History continues to repeat itself. The reason for repetition is that people have not learned from the mistakes made. Most of us know the old saying, “Beating a dead horse.” Beating a dead horse will not change things, but it will wear the person out and the horse will still be dead. Why then won’t the Government and the people wake up and try something new? For the politicians and people who HAVE been trying to make a difference, I commend you for your efforts and humbly ask you to not give up or give in.

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  1. Corruption in politics? Nooooooooo… It’s not quite as bad as it was under Bush, though. At least there’s not so much war profiteering going on now. And no so many cronies (i.e. Michael Brown).

    And you’re right about moral values. How can so many people be against affordable health insurance? And protecting the environment?

    Comment by Ben Hoffman | September 22, 2009 | Reply

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