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Indoctrination, in its’ simplest form, is the process of convincing; teaching repetitively, the ideas, attitudes, thoughts and methods, of another by impression or by force. Indoctrination happens on a regular basis and is usually benign, however there are times it becomes dangerous. I will give a few examples to explain the indoctrination process. I am leaving the variables out of this topic and sticking to “within the normal” limits. If I was to delve into the entire subject, I would have a new book written. Broken down even further, indoctrination is a “re-programming” of an individual’s mind.

When people go to “church,” they listen to a minister, preacher, cardinal, elder, or whoever the person is that speaks. They repeatedly teach the people to worship the higher power and do good things in the higher powers’ name. They also tell people to believe and have faith; spread the Word of the higher power and the higher power’s greatness. The people believe and have faith and follow the behaviors. This is indoctrination in a benign sense. Some of the Church goers rituals, is to sing song, tithe(give money to the church), pray, witness, and influence others. Recruitment for military personnel is also a form of indoctrination. These type groups try to instill good morals and values and they help others.

When indoctrination becomes dangerous, people get hurt or killed. Take cults, Charles Manson and the Manson family, Adolf Hitler and the Nazi Regime, and Al-Qaeda, for instance. These people are manipulated into warped mental states of mind that they eventually begin to believe as truth; reality.

One well-known cult is Jim Jones and the “People’s Temple Agricultural Project” commonly referred to as just “Jonestown.” Jim Jones was responsible for the “purple poisoned Kool-Aid®” in the late ’70’s. Jim Jones had convinced 909 people to ingest cyanide in a “revolutionary suicide.” Only 2 people survived, but the total deaths, when the murders are factored in, from that group tallied around 918; coining it the “Jonestown Massacre.” If you ever hear the phrase, “Don’t drink the purple Kool-Aid®.” This incident is what is being referred to.

Charles Manson and the Manson family, a quasi commune, were responsible for heinous attacks and homicides amongst other crimes. The phrase commonly associated with Charles Manson is from the Beatles song, “Helter Skelter.” Charles Manson began as an extremely dangerous individual, indoctrinating others into his beliefs and behaviors. This breeds an explosive combination.

Adolf Hitler and the Nazi Regime is another example of an explosive combination, but on the military side. Hitler’s platform was his book, 1“Mein Kampf,” which was his autobiography combined with his political ideology. Hitler used his platform to spread his antisemitism and militaristic beliefs, convincing many to follow him. The Jewish Holocaust is what is mainly associated with Hitler, and his regime, as well as the invasion of neighboring countries in his quest to “rule the world.” The result of his actions set forth in motion World War II.

Al-Qaeda is yet another group of radical Islamic individuals who are extremely dangerous. They have pledged their loyalty to Osama Bin Laden. They receive military style training to carry out their missions. Their main belief is that “All infidels must die.” They train their Jihadists from very young ages as well as using recruitment of others, to believe that suicide bombing and killing anyone who is not like them is justified in their higher powers’ eyes. To further sweeten the deal, suicide bombers are promised that when they die, they will be rewarded for their efforts with “72 black-eyed virgins” in paradise for martyrdom. An interesting read for excerpts from the Koran, is “The X-Rated Paradise of Islam.”

Indoctrination, just as any other subject, has both good and evil. It is extremely easy to become sucked into the throws of indoctrination, whether accomplished slowly or forcefully. If you, the individual, think you are immune and strong enough to resist, think again. When an individual begins to believe nothing can touch them, that becomes the most dangerous time for that individual. As a friend pointed out, “T.V. commercials are a form of indoctrination. How many things did you buy just because you saw the ad on the T.V.?”

1 Hitler, Adolf. Mein Kampf. Germany: Zentralverlag, 1936.

** For more information online, check: Mein Kampf by Adolf Hitler

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