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Latest Blurbs on Health Care Reform

This post is going to be quite short. I know you’re all most likely cheering about now…heh heh.

The latest conflict, mentioned earlier today, is that health care coverage is going to be treated like a form of tax evasion. What I mean by this, is that if anyone is caught not holding a health care policy, is that the individual will be incarcerated the same as if they were caught evading their tax responsibilities. This conflict is being associated with the Bacus Bill. If this goes through, there will be much trouble in our country.

The original intent was to levy fines for lack of obtaining health care insurance. Now it seems that would not be enough of a punishment. I would honestly hate to see what happens to those who cannot obtain health care insurance. The jails and prisons in the United States are already over-loaded, so I am wondering how they intend on carrying this out, if the Bacus Bill  passes. Again, I feel the need to state that nowhere in our Constitution, is the Government granted the authority to mandate that an individual MUST obtain health care insurance. To penalize individuals for lack of health care insurance is absurd and against our own laws. Unless this Bacus Bill does not pass, it seems the penalties will become mandated law.

As daunting as the task may seem, we the people need to gain access to these documents and read what is being proposed. If things are not clear enough to understand then we need to ask for an explanation. When things effect us, we have the right to know what is coming at us so we can be prepared.

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