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Cheers to Our Great Educational System

I am probably not being the nicest person at this moment, but it is necessary. If we discuss the educational system, here is a perfect example of the limited knowledge straight from the top. What am I referring to? It is none other than our brilliant Vice President Joe Biden.
I am unsure if Mr. Biden did not feel like explaining a term, during his speech, or if he just did not know what the definition was. The term was “Depression.” Mr. Bidens’ words to define “Depression” were this,

“What is depression? *pause and half sigh* It is depression…”-Joe Biden

Now, I do not know about you, but I was taught in school that you cannot use a word to define itself. It would have been better for Mr. Biden to explain that he did not have enough time to give the definition rather than use the term to define itself. For the masses, I will give the definition of “Depression.”

Anyone can view the definition in any reference materials( aka thesaurus and etc) and dictionaries. There are multiple definitions of “Depression,” however Mr. Biden was referring to the definition of the word used in political matters; economic depression.I will use the dictionary as well as my own explanation of the term.


“In economics, a depression is a sustained, long-term downturn in economic activity in one or more economies. It is a more severe downturn than a recession, which is seen as part of a normal business cycle.

Considered a rare and extreme form of recession, a depression is characterized by its length, and by abnormal increases in unemployment, falls in the availability of credit, shrinking output and investment, numerous bankruptcies, reduced amounts of trade and commerce, as well as highly volatile relative currency value fluctuations, mostly devaluations. Price deflation, financial crisis and bank failures are also common elements of a depression.”-Wikipedia

My explanation:

The deficit, which is the money we owe to the world; the difference between income and expense, plays a huge role in economic depression. The government printing massive amounts of money to pay that debt is what causes inflation. Inflation is what raises the costs of goods and services. This makes your income worth less. Basically, costs go up, values go down, and things fall apart. Try looking at a car that used to cost $10,000 a few years ago. When inflation hits, now that same car today will cost you about $32,000 give or take.

There is your education Ala Jennifer for the day.


Country Patriots


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Wednesday’s “Soup of the Week”

Welcome to this weeks Wednesday’s “Soup of the Week.” We’re going to take a look at some seafood recipes.


Shrimp Gumbo

2 lbs. fat(preferably rendered bacon grease)   1 lb.okra
1/4 lb bacon cut into small pieces                 1 can Contadina® tomatoe paste
2 large onions chopped                                2 Tbsp Gebhart® chili powder
3 cloves garlic                                             3 Tbsp Lemon juice
1 cup chopped celery                                   Bay leaf
1 small green pepper chopped                      salt and pepper
2 Tbsp Worcestershire® sauce                     1 pkg shrimp

Cook bacon in a large pot. Add onion, garlic, celery, green pepper, and okra. Cook until tender.
Add Worcestershire® sauce, chili powder, lemon juice, salt, pepper, and tomatoe paste. Add
a small amount of water (you can add more if you want it to be more juicy) and Bay leaf. Add
shrimp (if you want, you can also add crab or any other seafood you wish). Simmer and serve
on cooked rice.

Today’s Topic: Let’s take a look at how we come about being able to have seafood. This is for all the fishermen who catch the seafood people love to eat. This week, we’ll discuss about lobster, shrimping, cray fishing, crabbing, and cage fishing. I remember growing up how my aunt and uncle had crude wooden cages, that we tied ropes onto, so we could toss them over the docks hoping to catch cray fish or shrimp. It was interesting to sit and watch at first. We were taught how to make sure the cages were solid, then how to bait them, and finally how and where to place them in the water so we would catch the . While waiting on the pots, we would have our fishing poles going. The part we always complained about was having to clean and prepare our catches.

Of course, there are those of us who were great at “hand” fishing I used to love going to the ocean and hand catching crabs, horseshoe crabs, and various fish. If I knew exactly where to look (up and down the creek), I could catch cray fish by hand as well. Lobster and shrimp I never did though and I do not know of many who could catch shrimp by hand or if it has ever been done. I was also taught how to catch tadpoles by hand as well, even though they are not in this category. I have not done this type fishing for many years because it became illegal to fish like this unless you are Native American. I am unsure if that law is still in effect though.

Needless to say there are different levels of this fishing from safely exploring to deadly. All of them allow for people to enjoy the fine seafood quisines.

Here is one type of commercial fishing, King Crab, which is relevant to our topic check it out on YouTube:

World’s Deadliest Catch: Full Tank:

Deadliest Catch – How Crab Pots Work

Feel free to check out the other videos for this series.

Country Patriots


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The “Art of War”

To begin this discussion, I am going to use this phrase,

“There are no innocents in war.”

Now, the people on the outside of the military “machine” will be coming un-glued. I happen to agree with this phrase. When the military is hindered by the masses screaming about the “innocents” they cannot perform the job set before them. Obstacles and road blocks can mean the difference between life and death on the field. To those who came un-glued about the phrase used, let me clarify the phrase a bit more by adding that there are casualties of war; not innocents. It is their side versus your side. Casualties of war are very disheartening, but it is a fact of war.

History tends to repeat itself. If we look at past wars, note how they all ended up. The military has things moving at a decent pace until the bean counters and public become involved. After that the wars drag out and become worse, with nobody really winning. To be at war is to lose from the start. If you cannot handle the war process, then you should not go in to begin with. War is very ugly and messy. When a soldier leaves to go to war, they are never the same. It does not matter who is at war or if it is man, woman, or child in the war. The reality changes and scars everyone forever.

Let us look at it this way. If you play a video game, sure you can kill everything in sight and it’s cool and sometimes funny, right? Well, war is no video game, so just because you can push buttons and use a controller does not mean you know what it is like to be in war. Even the gang bangers who cowardly shoot another and run, or torture, think they are tough and know all about things. They do not have a clue, but they are closer than a video game player. In war, not only does one have to face down an enemy, sometimes hidden, but the smells associated, the grueling time spent in combat mode, the sounds, screams, the visual images burned forever in a person’s mind, and way much more are what military personnel have to deal with. The psycological damage is immense for all.

Military personnel have to train and prepare for everything. It is their only means of survival. When war is declared, military is sent out on a mission. If they cannot complete their missions, the war will fall and become disasterous. I am dedicating this blog to all of the military personnel who put their lives on the line so the citizens can enjoy the freedoms held so dear. Anyone who disrespects the military ought to be ashamed of themselves.

When speaking of the casualties of war, I now turn to victims. The enemy does not see women or children as victims, but rather as weapons to commence their attacks or shielding. Our country, fortunately, is not like this. These cowardly type combatants will strap bombs onto young children and send them out promising they will be doing the greater good. They have been raised to believe this. When they are not using their women and children as bombs, they will strategically place them in areas they know will be attacked. Then everyone believes that it is the military’s fault and they are monsters. It is the cowardly combatants who are the monsters, not the military.

The military is just like everyone. They do not want to kill and they will try to avoid it if possible. However, if it means killing another to save many, they will not hesitate. Many of the combatants cannot be reasoned with. This is what mainstream does not seem to understand. Do you really believe that the plane hijackers who flew into the twin towers would have been able to be detered from their mission? Do you believe they felt for any possible women, children, or good people in those buildings, the pentagon, and Shanksville, Pennsylvania? The bean counters most likely would say yes. The true answer is no. The passengers who fought back could be considered as military heros for their roles in trying to deter the take overs. They were definitely brave heros.

In closing, people need to learn exactly what the “art of war” is. Do some research and see what is involved on every level. Remember this when the military return home. Try to understand what they have been through for you to be able to go about your every day life. Please show the troops respect because you know what? They deserve respect. They do not deserve the jeers and being denied access or being spit on or ignored. Here is something for everyone to ponder. Where would you be if there was no military to protect the citizens and fight for what is believed?

Country Patriots


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